Oh, Jeez

by Knock Over City

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A 4 song acoustic EP.


released January 13, 2014

Track 1 recorded by Joey Campbell at Hadley's Hope studios in December 2013.
Tracks 2 and 3 recorded by me in my Parents Kitchen sometime in 2013.
Track 4 recorded by me in my practice space march 2014 on my phone.




Knock Over City Lowell, Massachusetts



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Track Name: Fogarty
You can't stop the rain, it goes on and on, sorry John.
The bad moon has risen and it's staying strong, still holding on
to all the wrong words and now God has gone back to his home
Cos it hurts to go through life alone.

Now it starts in the chest, and it robs you of rest
and when trying your best feels like sinking, start thinking:
"It's not worth it to get out of bed" oh you silly kid,
your problems don't end once you're dead, they just begin.

There is no solution because you are the problem
and when you don't eat you start to feel solvent, your falling back
into this pattern that's pulling your health down,
stumbling like the underdog at the start of the 12th round.

Hold your doubts, don't lash out, scream and shout,
Never sever ties with a lying mouth, try it out.
They're all about what can you get away with
they don't care what you've done, they just care what your name is.

Well, My name is darkness and I come for you all in the night.
My name is hopelessness and I cover up all the sun's light.

Fight through it, fight right through me
Fight through it, fight right through me
Fight through it, fight right through me
Cos it's better than lying down.
Track Name: My Worst Birthday Present
My friends all warned me about you, specificly
so I guess I can't be shocked, upset, or angry.
I just wish you would've let me help you pack
and move back to your old life
so I would've known you remember everything.
I wanted to slip notes in your shirts
that you could find back in New York
that would've made you smile on the bad days
I just wanted to make you smile.

I'm a simple man, and I don't want much
and I don't have much to offer
except myself.

And it's not like you broke my heart
because hearts can't break, cos they're muscles and not bones.
For a few days though, it was harder to get out of bed
cos it hurt me real bad
and I'm not that strong.
And I will wonder how you're doing
but I'll never know
cos we don't talk
and I'm way too stubborn to break that silence.

I'm a simple man and I don't want much
and I don't have much to offer
except myself.

And I know that I said some things
cos I always say some things
cos I'm addicted to honesty.
And honestly I understand the circumstances of your departure
I just think the both of us
could've handled it much better.

These past two months haven't been bad
finished the shed off with my dad
and wondered if anything would have been different
if you hadn't left.

I'm a simple man and I don't have much to offer
but I offered what I could, it's all right.
I'm a simple man and I don't have much to offer
but I layed awake with you that whole night.
I'm a simple man and I don't have much to offer
but I don't think that I'm that bad of a guy.
Track Name: Sup The Punx
I used to write stories while listening to songs
written for garages and basements.
Now I write songs when I'm not working
and try to get these basement punks to listen.
We need a reason
We need to hear passion
We've listened to way too much screamo.
I could have said skramz
but that's kind of the problem
we try so hard to classify our bands.

Chop punk rock down into its component parts
Mix them together, give each one their own name
We're wicked into portmanteaus
As if obfuscating the overall purpose
of what we're trying to do
will make it easier to get to you.

I wanna get to you.
I mean, I thought, that's what we were trying to do.

I came to shows at 12 years old cos I felt alone everywhere else I'd go
I found myself in songs sung by someone else.
I found a culture that encouraged me to do it my self.
Cos that's America or what my parents told me America should be.
Now I see kids belittle each other while wearing the same damn patches and pins.
Talking shit behind backs, only sticking around for the bands they know.
The more they commodify punk rock, the more this community suffers.
Those motherfuckers will always win if we don't stand up to them.

This is our fight.
This is our life.
You can't take it from us.
So bring out your knives.

Cos I know I'd be dead and buried by now
If it weren't for the words Joe Strummer or Ian MacKaye used to shout.

If my cousin Jay hadn't shown me the clash when I was 11
I'm not sure where I'd be but I know I wouldn't know this version of me.
And maybe I take these songs too seriously
but they've kept me alive this long
so I hope I can keep them alive.

Let's fucking keep them alive.
Cos I wanna get to you.