it's bad, dude

by Knock Over City

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Michael F.
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Michael F. Fucking great noise punk that would have thrived on Touch and Go back in the day. Superior to their kin, this is a top shelf sound.
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Johnny KOC understands Gendo was a good, maybe even great dad. Just misunderstood. He was a dad to the world as one. Favorite track: Gendo Ikari Was A Good Dad.
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it’s bad, dude. was recorded by Joseph Campbell on the sixteenth day in the month of September in the year of our lord two-thousand seventeen at the Bartlett Middle School in Lowell Massachusetts. It was a pretty neat setup if you ask me, so feel free to bend our ears about that if you’d like. We did overdubs for guitars on this one, primarily in our piece of shit practice space in Littleton Massachusetts, where we also recorded the vocals. It was mastered by Tim Schmoyer at The Kitchen Sink in Santa Fe New Mexico. The artwork was done by Brian Morgante of Flesh and Bone design. Both Tim and Brian do exceptional work at an outstanding price and we fully recommend their services.

This is a record about getting better. I never thought it would happen for me, so I want you to trust me when I say; it does. We love you all very much. Thank you for your time.

It’s bad, dude. Be kind. Take care.

Nunzio, February 2018


released April 1, 2018

Knock Over City is:
Joseph Campbell – Drums & Vocals
Nunziantte DiBenedetto – Guitars & Vocals
Richard Surette – Bass & Tone Mage




Knock Over City Lowell, Massachusetts

Fuck outta my earth.
Merrimack Valley Trash Crew


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Track Name: Laundry Sauce
Strap my ass to a rocket
And shoot me into space
I'm gonna fly through the sun
And punch god in the face
Cos there's too many people here
And they're all too god damn cruel
And I'm tired all the time
And I don't know what to do

Get up go to work come home do laundry and try not to cry
Everything's so hard and confusing, why would you waste time trying to try?
Do a line, smoke a beer, drink a butt, jerk off, and stare at the wall
If someone else made us, he's the one that'll pay for it all
Track Name: Ghost Meat
I know you think that it won't get better, but it will
Those feelings are the claws that scuttle on your windowsill
Sometimes you lose your rudder and sometimes you lose your speed
So raise your sail and face it so that it'll catch the breeze
Just try and do your best, man, that's all that you can do

And I will help you, if I can
In my condition

We're going to make it outta here all right
Insofar as anybody does
The sun will rise and chase away the night
We'll emerge born anew, drinking coffee, leveled up

You've already got through the worst part of it
It's smooth sailing from here on

Things are pretty bad right now
But you're doing great
(It gets better, I swear)

It's ok
It's ok
It's ok
It's ok
It's ok

It's fine
(you're doing great)
Track Name: Bert Cobain
Move in secret
Make yourself as small as you can
So they don't notice, they don't expect a thing
They'll be shocked when
You show up in
The dead of night
Like an overdue bill come to collect

I don't know if you're familiar with the woods this side of town
Haints that take the face of friends and whisper words to lure you out

I've seen ghosts in the trees
I've seen eyes on the leaves
Crows won't roost over me
(when you're out and leave the whole world waiting)
I don't know who to believe
(for the time the world has willed you re-appear)

All my friends are getting sober til they get bored of being sober
All my friends are getting sober so where the fuck am I?

Where did I go?
Track Name: Bob Gnarly
I see a lot of lonely hearts out there tonight
I'm sure you'll all get home just fine
But I'm looking for a ride
Drop me on the outskirts of town
I know these woods
I know my way around

I've been drinking myself blind or I been trying
I've been lying to my friends
Oh no
I'm doing it again
Give me some snowfall
And a straw
I won't have to leave this room
At all
Track Name: Cricket Song
Find me on the way down
You know that I am uncomfortable
Hissing like a cat that's backed into a corner
A lobster and the water's getting warmer
You like some forgotten god
Patient and kindly
Wading through these demons just to find me
Gift me with a blessing
Repeat it like a koan
Tattoo it on the edges of my soul

"We all are made of stars, but so is garbage."

Well I think we've had a real nice time
We've told some jokes
We've shared some laughs
And I wanna say that we've gotten to know each other pretty well
By now
So trust me when I tell you
For most of my life I wanted to die or if not die just disappear
Save everyone the trouble
But I stuck around
I'm feeling better now

We all are made of stars, but so is garbage

If you sit up on the house
And look towards the trees
I think they move in the breeze
But I can't be sure
What do you see?

They get closer and closer every night
They move when you close your eyes

We all are made of stars, but so is garbage
Track Name: The Day Nunzio Broke Down In The Grand Prix
Katie's son saw you there last night
On the road out towards the mill
Don't you know that kinda thing 'round here
Is bound to get us killed?

When the cops stopped you, what did you say?
When the cops stopped you, who did you name?

Keep my name
Out your mouth
You rat fuck

Close your eyes
Track Name: Joey Returns Home After A Long Day
When I get home I know you'll be there
To wash it away, as if you were a wave

And what no one tells you about falling in love is that
It's like walking around with your heart outside your chest
And it makes you feel strong
It helps you rest

You're the best thing that I got going for me
And I think you'd agree that we make a good team
Track Name: To Absent Friends
We were never what you'd call saints
Stealing drinks from in the cooler
Stealing smokes for our breaks
Sneaking out to my car to get high
Not wanting to go back inside
I didn't know you'd moved on from the Percs
Til Mike broke the news while we were at work
I hope that your mother and sister are fine
I hope, wherever you are, your back feels all right

To absent friends
If the needle takes them
Know the needle didn't win
If their name's on your lips

I know what it's like late at night
When the fear creeps in your room and chokes your insides
And I have doubted that I would see the sun
But I have been able so far to hold on
I don't think any less of you for going
But I just wish that you'd stayed
I hope that wherever you are you are glowing
I hope wherever you are you don't feel any pain

To absent friends
If depression takes them
Know depression didn't win
If their name's on your lips

They say you don't die until the last person you knew on the earth is gone

They say you live on
Track Name: Interlude
The rain outside makes it hard to see the lines on the street
And you're driving home and you're all alone
Don't know which roads to go on

I'm waiting for a call, for a knock at the door
Track Name: Gendo Ikari Was A Good Dad
Be quiet
You make think you're alone
But what's out here
Can swallow you whole
Your step can be treacherous
They've laid out their traps
And if they ensnare you
You won't make it back

I used to think
That I would die
But I learned to live
Out here just fine

Once you learn it's shape
It isn't so bad
Sometimes it'll get you
But you can handle that
There's people who live out here
Just like you and I
They'll offer you quarter
A meal and a fire

I know it seems
But it lies to you
And it knows you well
So it sounds like truth
It's full of shit
You've got to learn
To discount it

It's dark and it's cold
But you're never alone
I know it seems bleak
I've walked through these trees
I'll guide your way home
Your feet must be tired
Just a little ways to go


You will get through this.

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