Settling EP

by Knock Over City

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A collection of songs about getting older and making compromises.


released October 27, 2014

Knock Over City is:
Nunzio DiBenedetto - Guitar and Vocals
Joey Campbell - Drums

Album art by Derek Paul

This record was recorded one day in August of 2014 by Joey. It was written by Nunzio over the course of about a year, he feels like he should have had twelve songs to show for a year, but it was a busy year.

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Knock Over City Lowell, Massachusetts

Fuck outta my earth.


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Track Name: Aruba
You came out of the water dripping wet, I couldn't say a thing, so I laid back on the beach sipping whiskey in iced tea.
This was exactly what we needed, you were right, this will fix everything.

It's been a rough patch since the kid, and we're not getting any younger, and I've tied myself to you for at least a little while longer.
So I'm drunk on the sunshine and the breeze, and you all the time.

It gets easier the longer you go
So close your eyes
Let the tide
Carry you home.
It gets easier, this I know.

Some people just aren't meant to become Moms and Dads. Though I know it's rough thinking 'bout the life we could've had, I'm sorry I could never be the man you needed me to be...
...but if we're being honest with each other:

I'm secretly relieved.
Track Name: Fogerty
You can't stop the rain it goes on and on, sorry John.
The bad moon has risen, it's staying strong and holding on to all the wrong words and now God has gone back to his home,
Cos it hurts to go through life alone.

And it starts in the chest, and it robs you of rest
and when trying your best feels like sinking, start thinking:
"It's not worth it to get out of bed."
Oh you silly kid,
your problems don't end once you're dead, they just begin.

There is no solution, because you are the problem
and when you don't eat, you start to feel solvent, your falling back
into this pattern that's pulling your health down,
stumbling like the underdog at the start of the 12th round.

Hold your doubts,
Don't lash out, scream and shout,
Never sever ties with a lying mouth,
Try it out.

They're all about "What can you get away with?"
They don't care what you've done, they just care what your name is.

My name is darkness and I come for you all in the night.
My name is hopelessness and I cover up all the sun's light,

Cos it's better than lying down.
Track Name: Stevie
We were playing down by the riverbank when he washed up
Bloated and swollen, like in the movies
We thought it was good fun,
and we ran back to Steve's house and got everyone
It was three days before his parents knew.

She was seventeen when he came to town,
He was older, but he liked having her around
and she'd say "How high?" when he said "Jump."
and then some times she'd show up with new cuts
Way up high on the inside of her thighs
You can't let them see what you keep inside.
Track Name: Good Times
There's lipstick on my cigarette
As she falls from her faded dress
Her skin becomes a dimpled sea
As she's splitting at the seam.

There are far too many mouths
Be careful what you don't let out.

The whiskey pushes in my veins,
As faces blur, intentions change
These boards are cracked and weathered thin,
Worms curl from your mouth and under my skin.
The sidewalk breaks and rises up
I saw the glove and felt the touch.

We woke beneath a sun starved sky
The drifts of ash were twice as high
and cold the cry, as hawks descend,
the world begins to break and bend.

Phrases carved in silhouette plea the dammed not to forget.
Track Name: The Lake House
Found out on a Saturday, fishing up at the lake that you'd passed away, finally, after three years of not knowing me.
Watched the sun sink into the water, a loving mother's only daughter, remembered the panic that gripped you through your last years.
Took a deep pull, skipped my chip across the lake: celebrate the end of the struggle for you, and for me too.
Felt the old blood come rushing back, I know that I should stay on the track but you/I never could and I always loved

Those spring nights out here
The feel of the wind through my hair
those spring nights out here

Sometimes these victories aren't so triumphant
Sometimes you give up just before the summit
Just to stay above ground for one more day.
And I've always looked just like you
but the similarities have more to do with all the ways we ran away
each of us
from all our problems.

And they teach you to accept
and I can't change a bit so I guess I'll accept
and expect to run away
and that's good enough for now.
Track Name: Rick James
We all reach down inside us and pull ourselves out
We're all the way down, it's too far to shout.
The light hurts our eyes the air chafes at our skin
We weren't meant to live amongst these conditions.

I can't see the sky all I hear are the sounds
of this faulty machinery deep in the ground.
Clanking and screaming and grinding it's gears
Eyes on a face laced with sorrow and fear.

He said he'd be here by eight, he's just running late, keep your fucking voice down.
I swear every night we go through the same shit, are you fucking all right dude?

A head full of voices a gut full of booze
It's starting to feel like I've got ants in my shoes
Dust floats through the sun
The drugs stain our lungs
Remember when this shit was what we'd call fun?

We're not trying anymore
The vastness of space largely goes unexplored
The same as the sea, as with the brain
Stretching forever; little explained.

Still the deafening roar, "I'm frightened to die!"
So make me feel important while we're both still alive.
Still the deafening roar "I'm too scared to die!"
So make me, feel special while we're both still alive.

I can't, I'm out, dude.
I can't I'm done, I'm leaving.
I can't, I'm out, see you later, dude.
Track Name: The Abandoned Airport
We used to drink in the woods behind your house
Before Ethel hung herself there, the year we all got out.
We used to build real shit in this town
Before you came along and drove your father's dreams to the ground
and I once felt hope not unlike I see in you
but if life has thought me anything it's that hope's the first to lose.
So shore up your walls and get ready for the storm
not one will make it out alive, we've all been warned.

I can't be sure of exactly how I feel when I can't take anything I see or hear as real:
Voices in the kitchen, ghosts under the bed,
I wish I could crack open and repair this damaged head.
But I can't be sure of this ground on which I stand
at least I stopped the quiet tremble in my hands.
Bottles on the counter, sickness in the sink,
that one pervading question
"What would the neighbors think?"

And I give my heart to those who've lost the fight.
Ethereal and blameless, they were looking for the light.
A world of sharpened edges, a house in disrepair,
the smell of shampoo from the ghost who lived there.

I will see you in the shadows, I will hear you in the street.
Feel the ground give way underneath these tired feet.
Falling into nothing it's a comfort finally
I wish I could tell you I learned how to be alright.
Alright, I'm alright.
Track Name: Atlantic City
If you don't know the lyrics to this song I encourage you to listen to more Bruce Springsteen. Seriously, dude has a discography bigger than most. If you wanted too (AND YOU SHOULD) you could listen to nothing but Bruce Springsteen albums for a year and not get bored.

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