by Knock Over City

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This record is a concept album that I've been writing for the better part of five years. It is a work of fiction which details the struggles of a boy born into terrible circumstances and his failure to rise out of them.

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released February 9, 2014

All music written and preformed by Knock Over City.
Knock Over City is Nunzio DiBenedetto and Joey Campbell.
Tracks 1-4 recorded by Joey Campbell in one day at 37' Productions in Rockland, MA.
Track 5 recorded by Joey Campbell at Hadley's Hope.
Mastered by Tim Schmoyer at Engine70 studios.
Album art by Alanna Jay - www.facebook.com/alanna.jay.art

Knock Over City would like to thank (in no particular order): Tim Schmoyer, Sean McLaughlin, Rob Falcione and Ed Pisari for listening to these songs and providing valuable feedback over the years, our girlfriends, friends, family, and you.




Knock Over City Lowell, Massachusetts



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Track Name: Birds
I was born with two white wings in my spine,
the midwives took them from me, the sky was never mine.
One night my mother, drunk and sad, told me a stranger was my dad.

And my father pushed me inside of her
In a park outside the street
Where the cops found her lying
With her pants around her feet.

She screamed at me one night,
When I was just sixteen.
"If I see your face tomorrow morning
I'll douse it in gasoline.
You've gotta look like him.
Cos you are no part of me."

So I took off to the city
and I slept out in the street.
Wrapped myself in blankets
at the spot I was conceived.
Track Name: Harvard Ave
These streets don't care they hustle and run
As if on the lamb from someone.
These streets don't care, they don't see me,
I can't think of any other way to be.

And when you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, what do they bury you with?

She says her name's Cassandra, and she is here to lend a hand.
She has some friends just down the street
They say they could use a guy like me.
They have a house, they have a band.
Cassandra, I'm not sure I understand.
She says: "I have these dreams,
and sometimes, they come true."

But it's only the ones she doesn't want to.

It wasn't perfect but it was nice
To have a roof and heat and lights
Some nights it would get too heavy
But mostly it just stayed all right.

She says: "When I'm with you,
I'm not scared to go to sleep at night."
She says: "When I'm with you,
I almost feel as though I could fly."

Surprise, surprise, sometimes it works out fine.
Track Name: Mushrooms
Jimmy called to say he got his hands on a good stash of caps right now.
So we went to his house, and we swallowed them down, hung around.
And Katie was there and she looked a whole lot like her sister.
She said: "I know that you miss her." So we hung out for a while.

"Do you want to go to a game?" It doesn't really matter when it all looks the same.
You never got the number and you never knew the name.
She just left and I already came.

When we got to the park I stopped shaking as much and we laughed.
The lights were bright and the grass was green and the beer was cold so we sat.
And Katie sat to my left, singing "Sweet Caroline."
But we were drunk and I hate that song, so we sang off time.

We ducked back to her house, and we stood in her room then we sat on her couch
and I could taste her perfume, and I breathed through her mouth.
She said: "The ghosts in this room won't ever let out."

Then morning came quick, and I came off the trip.
We smoked cigarettes in between tiny sips
Of coffee and words that we didn't mean.
I left the next day, but I wouldn't say I got out clean.

Oh no.
Track Name: Hampton
These small town cops couldn't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.
You know how rumors get spread around this little town,
I don't know how much they found.
But I guess it was enough to put him away,
and Jimmy ain't coming back for a couple of hundred days.
and when he does he won't be the same.

Cassandra came out to all the hardcore shows.
Then one night during our set her ex-boyfriend just broke her nose.
Anyway, we knew some guys he owed.

They told us to do it out of state, so we drove him up to Hampton on a dreary day.
She threw her cross into the waves as he floated away.
But then she started having visions man, she started seeing saints.
Mary Magdalene in stitches, the future in her drink
and Katie was her sister man, Katie told her shrink.
Cass gave me a letter on the day she went away.


"Jesus' wife, she was a saint. Jesus Christ was just a man. He already left her once, he's not coming back again. And I've told them of my dreams, they don't help or understand. So now I'm taking matters in my own two hands."
Track Name: Prudential
Gone out the window now, I've been trying to find.
You for two whole weeks, and Katie lied.
Told me you took off without a goodbye.
All I ever wanted was to be your spine.

It doesn't feel like falling.
It feels just like coming up.

Oh Cassandra.