No Funeral

by Knock Over City

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to our record. No Funeral was recorded in about two and a half hours on April 11th, 2016 in our practice space which is a barn in Littleton MA. We were supposed to have more time but I slept in and (coincidentally) had to go to a wake so we had to jam it out quick. As a result there are some mistakes and foibles that remain. We did no punches because we'd like to think that this is an imperfect document of the two of us playing in that room where those songs were born and they live on as mutable works each time we play live.

(we also only rented the mics for that one day.)

All the instruments were recorded live in one take. I played through two Sovtek Mig60s with two separate (slightly different) cabs, Joey played a drum set that he's had since high school that, to my ear, sounds improbably good. That may be just his playing though. If you want to know about mic placement or mixing or any of that technical mumbo jumbo, ask him. He's very good at that sort of thing.

We worked on these songs for over a year and we are both very proud of them. This record is a concept record, by the way, about a fictional man who had a rough go of it and decided to tie it off early. I had honestly tried to NOT write a concept album but here we are, I think it tracks, hopefully you do too.

The artwork was done by the wonderful Derek Kent Paul and I'm seriously considering silk screening a poster for myself and hanging it on the ceiling above my bed. It's so good. Please contact him for your art needs. No Funeral was mastered by Tim Schmoyer out in New Mexico, he consistently does a great job and we're happy to see him all set up in his new studio out there. Once again, if you need something mastered; he's your dude. James Gray is putting out this tape on Endless Bummer records. He's a weird guy, but I love him and he does good work.

I'll repeat myself here; thank you for taking the time to listen to our record. We are very proud of it and it means the world to us that for 45 minutes of your life you would sit down and engage with our effort. You're wonderful people.

Nunzio DiBenedetto and Joseph Campbell AKA Knock Over City
June, 2016.


released June 24, 2016

Nunzio DiBenedetto - Guitar & Vocals
Joey Campbell - Drums & Vocals




Knock Over City Lowell, Massachusetts



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Track Name: Bad Year
11:59 December 31st, 2005
The snow outside covers, quiets the earth
My friends down the street expect me to come by
But I don't think tonight I can suppress that guy
Who stands with me in this shitty bathroom
Fluorescent lights make the bags under my eyes look huge
And I hope against hope that I'll walk out that door
But it's all the more likely I'll tie it off on the floor

Yes I'm a failure at just 26
Married, unmarried once, can't even see my own kids
And I could blame the bottles that adorn the sink
For the temper that flares before I can think
Hide from the world for days and beat myself up
Not enough skin for the bruises, the abrasions, and the cuts
And I'll leave quite a mess for the city to clean
A life torn asunder by the weight of it's dreams

And I've been having a bad year,
But you already knew that.
Track Name: Motif #1
You stared at me from across the room
The vacant stare of a waning moon
Your eyes were grey just like the waves
When you can tell the storm is on it's way

We hit it off
We had a real nice time

We shared a cab and we shared our fears
We shared an apartment for about three years
We shared ourselves but it wasn't enough
To assuage the fears when we got the plus

We knew it'd be trouble
But we jumped right in
Just for the chance to cause some trouble again.


It was all right, for a while.
It was real nice, for a while.
Track Name: Running The Border
Well I begged and cried and I pleaded and screamed
Said I can't take any more of these apocalyptic dreams
She said: "Well I think you'll be all right,
Just take some of this and we can both sleep through the night.
I know you want me to be her
But try as I have tried I cannot be that sort of girl
But I am warm, and we can be at my place soon
My face could be anyone's in this smoke-filled room."

Get ready, it's coming to a head
I remember her well, in the Chelsea hotel
Just hope she's not dead.

Said "you've been coming 'round a lot
And I think I know your plans.
So if you see me in those throngs of desperate sinners
Just know I'm laying hands."
We'd been up for four or five days at that point and
Sometimes it's hard to tell
But I was seeing the apocalyptic skyline
As we drove on up through Hell.

Said "Michigan's a shithole,
But Canada's the best
And we're almost at the border
So why don't you take the rest?"

We drove up to Toronto
I heard she went up to Quebec
I hitched a ride to Buffalo
That's where I met these friends
And I guess you know the rest.
Track Name: Rick James
We all reach down inside us and pull ourselves out
We're all the way down, it's too far to shout.
The light hurts our eyes the air chafes at our skin
We weren't meant to live amongst these conditions.

I can't see the sky all I hear are the sounds
of this faulty machinery deep in the ground.
Clanking and screaming and grinding it's gears
Eyes on a face laced with sorrow and fear.

He said he'd be here by eight, he's just running late, keep your fucking down.
I swear every night we go through the same shit, are you fucking all right dude?

A head full of voices a gut full of booze
It's starting to feel like I've got ants in my shoes
Dust floats through the sun
The smoke stains our lungs
Remember when this shit was what we'd call fun?

We're not trying anymore
The vastness of space largely goes unexplored
The same as the sea, as with the brain
Stretching forever; little explained.

Still the deafening roar, "I'm frightened to die!"
So make me feel important while we're both still alive.
Still the deafening roar "I'm too scared to die!"
So make me, feel special while we're both still alive.

I can't, I'm out, dude.
I can't I'm done, I'm leaving.
I can't, I'm out, see you later, dude.
Track Name: Nostromo
The line on the horizon
Isn't getting any closer
Our water's running out
Our hull's been taking water
It's been thirty years
Since the war began in earnest
Fifteen years since
Those left who could afford it

Our filtration systems cannot keep up
With the decomposition of the asphalt and the rock
Irradiated water, irradiated meat
I remember when the air tasted almost sweet

This creaky wooden ship
Is all we've got left
And if we meet another
They'll take even that
I've tried to raise you right
But this world is a pit
We came out of the water
We're going back to it

Trust going forward would be infinitely worse
Besides, remember, it isn't your choice
Your mother's waiting for you and I'll be right behind
So just come inside and close your eyes

Come inside and close the door.
Track Name: We Endanger Species
I inhale the smoke
And exhale the cold
Tried to make a home
Tried to make a home

But when I see the sun rising I wanna scream

Because you left me alone
I will destroy the globe
And make my way to a better world.
Track Name: Grandma & Robert
I hope you're right
I hope there's something
Waiting for you
On the other side
You want it to be real
Now so do I
You want it to be true
Now so do I

You look so thin
You look so pale
Swallowed up by blankets
These flourescent lights don't do you any favors
I wish I could take you outside one last time

Early morning
Before the sun wakes up
I wander into the kitchen
Dad sits and smokes
He pulls me close
His aftershave stings my nose
Says "son you've got his name,
I hope you're more like him
Than you are like me."
If I could choose one memory to repeat

The sun stretches out through the blinds
Golden and broken illuminates the smoke
His smile like a warm breeze unbidden
Fills me full of hope

It wasn't all bad
Track Name: Lowell, MA
History slips under my feet
As I make my way down the street
Turn the corner on to Broadway
And an old man smiles at me
I run as fast as I can toward home
And from behind me hear the old man
He says "Oh son sometimes you've got to show them
That you know how to be free."

Home and hearth and auto parts.

I know that you loved me
As best as you can
But I think there's something itching, something scratching
In the palm of your right hand.

Home and hearth and auto parts.

I know you tried the best you can
Well so did I
I know you tried but it wasn't enough.

These streets look much the same
As they did before
Float up and away from them
And head for the door.
Track Name: Corpse Process
The worms will eat in through your skin
You'll pass right through them and you'll live again
As the all seeing dirt of the earth
Feel the breeze as a bush or become food for birds

The flies they will come for your eyes
Everything that is living will die
Maybe that's perfectly fine
All matter decays, it's just a matter of time

Stray dogs clean their teeth on your bones
They say you can never go home
But home is a hole in the ground
The earth keeps on spinning around